An 8 Ounce Glass of Prevention: How Preventative Care Can Keep Your Smile Healthy

Here at Antoine Dental Center, our dentists and staff come to work every day with a common goal: to provide you with a beautiful smile that lasts. A beautiful smile is often a healthy smile, so we’re proud to focus on dental care that can give you both.

Have you heard of the phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” This can apply to many areas of life, including your oral health. Prevention is one of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy, so today we want to take a look at a few areas that can help you prevent tooth decay and oral disease. You might be surprised at a few things you can do to keep your smile healthy and disease at bay!


Did you know that both kids and adults get cavities? Almost all adults have had at least one cavity, and many of these were acquired during their childhood. Kids typically don’t brush their teeth as well as adults, so that can help contribute to their tooth decay. They also snack more throughout the day, and a lot of those snacks are sugary foods like fruit snacks and sugary drinks, like fruit drinks, lemonade, and soda.

Of course, you may eat some of these foods now. We aren’t asking that you give them up, but limiting them and being sure to brush afterwards will help keep decay from making its home in your mouth. As you age, decay can become a problem in old fillings that are failing. This leaves openings for bacteria to fester.

Gum disease is also a big concern for adults – about half of adults will have it to some degree. And most won’t know. Sugary foods and beverages can create the plaque buildup that leads to gum disease.

Start small by replacing one sugary snack with a healthy, tooth-friendly snack like cheese or yogurt. These provide you with calcium, which actually restores the minerals your teeth need to stay strong. Consider replacing your soda with milk, which also strengthens your teeth, or fluoride-containing water, which prevents oral health problems and physically removes food debris.


Are you drinking 6 8-oz. glasses of water a day to prevent decay? Water that contains fluoride has been proven to prevent cavities, so this is a simple, inexpensive way to stay healthy! Some cities add this natural mineral to their water, while others have it naturally occurring in lower levels. If you aren’t getting enough in your tap water, look for bottled water that contains fluoride.

Your toothpaste is another good source of fluoride. Toothpaste contains ingredients that physically remove plaque from your teeth, like baking soda. But toothpaste with fluoride provides even greater cavity protection. Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is key to a beautiful smile that lasts.

If we notice at your cleaning that your teeth are prone to cavities, we may recommend a fluoride rinse for you to use at home. We may also give you a concentrated fluoride treatment here in the office.


Keeping your teeth brushed with fluoride is important, but so is flossing. This often ignored oral habit gets in hard-to-reach places that your toothbrush can’t, like your back teeth or in between crowded teeth.

Even with the best, most thorough flossing and brushing you could possibly do, you should still come in to your Houston preventative dental office for professional cleanings. Dr. Nazari, one of our other skilled dentists, and our hygienists have special tools and equipment that can get hardened plaque, or tartar, off your teeth. We can also check your mouth for problems that you won’t notice.

Our Antoine Dental Center dentists care so much about making sure you get preventative cleanings that we offer special discounts for them. Our preferred customer dental plan gives you special prices on your regular preventative cleanings, exams, and much, much more!

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If you’re afraid it’s too late for you to get a smile that lasts, we can still help! Ask us about restorations that can transform your smile back to its natural beauty.