Braces for Adults

It is never too late to have crooked teeth straightened. Braces are still frequently worn by kids and adolescents, but many adults are also opting for bite correction. A host of advantages await adults who receive orthodontics, and different types are now available to suit various preferences.

Orthodontic Options Enjoyed by Adults

The stereotypical smile of an orthodontic patient is avoidable for most. Discreet options similar to traditional metal braces include lingual and ceramic orthodontics, which use rear-facing brackets and ones that match the color of the teeth, respectively. A choice less similar to traditional treatment is Invisalign. Using aligners made of clear plastic and worn over the teeth, Invisalign Full is designed specifically for adults and some older teens. Of course, classic metal orthodontics also remains available and is valued for their low cost and durability.

Sizable Benefits Adults Should Consider

Orthodontic treatment gives adults benefits similar to what kids receive. Straightening the teeth improves the smile dramatically, making many patients feel better about their looks. Plaque is less likely to collect around teeth that are straight, which means that patients are at less of a risk of cavities and gum disease developing. Chewing ability is often improved and patients are less prone to losing teeth as they grow older.

Full orthodontic treatment is available for those who need it, but patients with minimal needs may be able to get treatment lasting six months or less. The results of both treatment types last for life. At a consultation with our orthodontist, patients can learn more about orthodontic choices for adults.