Enjoying the Fourth of July in Houston, TX

Hello again, Houston! Here at Antoine Dental Center we are definitely enjoying this summer and looking forward to the upcoming holiday. Hopefully, you are too. Since the Fourth of July is only days away you are probably stocking up on fireworks and charcoal, so you can enjoy this celebration of freedom. Unfortunately, poor oral health may limit your freedom this year, especially if tooth decay and gum disease are making it hard for your to chew the summer cookout foods you love to eat.

Strong and healthy teeth are essential for enjoying the freedom to eat whatever your like. Not only that, your oral health is a vital component of your overall well being. In other words, to live healthily and feel great, you have to have healthy teeth and gums. To have the freedom to enjoy everything Houston has to offer this Fourth of July, you need to make sure your oral health isn’t holding you back.

Tooth decay and missing teeth are a serious problem, but there are solutions available from Antoine Dental Center. Come to our office in Houston and we will find the tooth replacement that best suits your needs, so that you will have a healthy set of beautiful teeth to show off this Fourth of July.

Tooth Replacements at Antoine Dental Center

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a tooth replacement. Ultimately, you want a solution that will give the most freedom with the least amount of fuss. Here is an overview of the tooth replacement solutions available from our office in Houston.

Crowns and Bridges – If you have some tooth decay, but it is not bad enough to cost you your tooth, then a simple crown may be enough to get your smile into shape. A dental crown covers the top part of your tooth, but is anchored by your natural root. Often, a crown will be used to top a tooth after a root canal, which removes the infected pulp from the inside of your tooth, but saves the rest of the tooth.

If you are missing one tooth or a few teeth in a series, then a dental bridge may solve your problems. A bridge uses crowns placed over healthy teeth to anchor a set of replacement teeth to fill the gap.

Dentures – Those who are missing all or most of their teeth could use dentures, either partial or a full set. Dentures are typically made from ceramic, acrylic, plastic, or a combination of materials. They are designed to fit onto your gums using suction, but sometimes a dental adhesive is helpful.

A perfect fit is important for dentures to be effective, so you may have to come in periodically to have your dentures adjusted. A durable tooth replacement, your dentures will last a long time if they are properly maintained.

Dental Implants – Unlike the tooth replacement methods mentioned above, dental implants replace the whole tooth, including the the root. This gives you the most natural and stable tooth replacement possible. With dentures and bridges you will likely still have some restrictions when it comes to eating, but dental implants act just like your natural teeth and will give you the freedom to eat what you like.

Dental implants will also help maintain bone density in your jaw, something other tooth replacements will not do. Without a tooth to fill out your jawbone, the bone will deteriorate, which will change your appearance, aging you prematurely.

Teeth in a Day – If you have already lost some bone density due to missing teeth, this does not mean you are of luck. While low bone density may make it unfeasible to do traditional dental implants, Teeth in a Day is still an available solution.

This dental procedure uses a minimum number of implants, usually four or six, to anchor a full set of dentures directly to your jaw. This solves all of the stability and security issues associated with traditional dentures.

Teeth in a Day will allow you to leave our office with a brand new smile and the freedom to eat and laugh with the fear of your dentures falling out of your mouth.

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Antoine Dental Center wants to help you get the most of life this summer and to enjoy another Fourth of July in Houston. Even if you don’t need a tooth replacement, a professional cleaning and examination will help make sure you never do.

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