Fad Diets Could Damage Your Smile

Health issues in Houston are always of great concern for us here at Antoine Dental Center. That is why we like to use this recurring blog to make sure reliable and accurate information is available to the people of Houston, so you can be well informed when making decisions that affect the health and wellbeing of yourself and those close to you.

Weight loss is always a topic of intense discussion. With obesity often being regarded as a modern epidemic, there are certainly legitimate health reasons to be try to lose weight. But unfortunately, too many people want to lose weight for the wrong reasons, attempting to meet some unrealistic standard set by the media and popular culture.

This has many people clamoring to find a diet that will shed pounds quickly and easily. Thus, the fad diet is born. Endorsed by some celebrity, be it an actor or an athlete, these diet promise maximum results with minimum effort, often by restricting major food groups and tipping the scales of a balanced diet.

Please be wary of any diet that demands a drastic change to what you eat, or forbids a number of healthy foods. While these diets may lead to weight loss, it could come at the cost of your health overall.

Here at Antoine Dental Center, we are especially concerned with the way such diets affect the health of your teeth and gums. Maintaining your oral health requires that you have a balanced diet, and disrupting that balance with a restrictive diet may have some damaging consequences for your teeth and gums.

Juice Cleanse

Hollywood actors often have to lose weight quickly for a role, so the Juice Cleanse is a way they can do that and maintain their status as one of the beautiful people. However, these celebrities don’t necessarily need to keep the weight off because the will only be shooting for a few days, or weeks at the most, and then they can go back to their original weight. That is why a diet like the Juice Cleanse is so popular among the Hollywood elite, but is well designed for permanent, sustainable weight loss.

As the name implies, the Juice Cleanse only allows you to take your meals in the form of juice, or maybe a smoothie if you’re lucky. You won’t even be allowed juice with pulp in the most extreme stages of this diet.

It may seem like a juice only diet is perfectly healthy, since you will still be getting all vitamins from fruits and vegetables without actually eating them. This logic is quite flawed. There is more health value to eating than simply ingesting vitamins. Fruit and vegetables contain a large amount of dietary fiber that you’re missing out on if you are only drinking their juices. And these juices contain something else besides vitamins, and that’s sugar and acid, two of the major contributors to tooth decay.

Raw Food Diet

This diet doesn’t sound too bad on the surface. The Raw Diet only allows you to food that can be consumed raw, which for the most part is fruit and vegetables. The problem is you can actually eat too much fruit and vegetables. Eating like this exclusively presents a problem similar to that of the juice cleanse, too much sugar and acid.

Small Meal Diet

Although the name may suggest that this diet is about portion control, it is not really. The Small Meal diet has you eat several small meals throughout the day, rather than three big ones. All this eating can be hard on your teeth. Every time you eat a meal, your teeth become more vulnerable to the ravages of tooth decay for around thirty minutes after the meal. So, if you are eating several times, then you are putting your oral health at risk more than you should be.

Ask Antoine Dental Center about Your Diet

If you are considering a change to your diet, especially one that is going to restrict a lot of different types of food, then come to our office in Houston for a consultation. We can tell which diets are safe for your teeth, and how to minimize the effects of those that are not.

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