Four Benefits of Dental Implants

Hello, Houston! Here at Antoine Dental Center, we are excited for another summer in Texas, and we hope you are, too. Summer certainly is fun, but it can be hard on your teeth. You could be enjoying a summer evening playing softball with your best friends when, next thing you know, a grounder takes a bad bounce and knocks out your favorite front tooth.

If you already have some missing teeth, you may be in for a less than perfect summer because missing teeth makes it hard to enjoy all the wonderful summer food. Sure, you can handle a hot dog with no problem, but what about when they break out the roasted corn on the cob, or the ribs. It’s kind of hard to enjoy those without a healthy set of teeth.

Whichever of the these situations applies to you, Antoine Dental Center has the solution, and it is the same solution. Dental implants are a magnificent dental replacement that will give you all the looks and functionality of your natural teeth. It will be like you grew a new tooth.

Here are five reasons you should consider dental implants as your tooth replacement solution:

1. Dental Implants Look Like Your Natural Teeth

Although function is important, the cosmetic benefits of dental implants can not be ignored. Dentures tend to come loose and slide around in your mouth, making them appear crooked to the outside observer. You don’t have to worry about that with dental implants because they are anchored directly to your jaw.

The crown placed atop the titanium implant is designed to look exactly like on of your natural teeth, so dental implants will give you all the confidence and self-esteem that comes with a beautiful smile.

You need healthy teeth for more than just eating. A confident smile is essential for nonverbal communication. That is why it is important that your tooth replacement solution look as good as they work.

2. Dental Implants Are Strong and Secure

As we mentioned above, dentures have a bad habit of coming loose and sliding around. that will never be an issue with dental implants because they are permanently affixed to your jaw with a titanium screw.

Titanium is used because it has the natural ability to bond with human bone in a process called osseointegration. This means that your bone tissue will actually grow into the surface of the titanium implant, creating a synthetic root as secure as a natural one.

The secure bond of the dental implant allows you to have complete freedom in choosing what what to eat, which cannot be said for dentures. Since dentures depend on suction and nasty tasting dental adhesive to stay in place, your food choices are limited. You will want to stay away from foods that are sticky or hard to chew. Dental implants have no such problem. You will be able to eat whatever you want.

Loose dentures also affect your speech. Spoken language depends on secure teeth in order to form certain sounds. Just try pronouncing “tongue tied” without your front teeth. It takes some people quite a while to learn how to speak well with dentures, but dental implants are just like natural teeth, so there is no relearning necessary.

3. Dental Implants Are Easy to Clean

Dentures require special cleansers and have to be soaked in water overnight, but with dental implants, you simply brush and floss like normal. When the implants are initially healing, they may require some special care, but once they are fully integrated into your mouth, it is just like having a new tooth.

4. Dental Implants Help Maintain Bone Density in Your Jaw

Dentures may be adequate to chew most foods and give you a smile without gaps, but they do not replace the missing root, so there are still big holes in your jawbone where the roots used to be. Eventually, this will cause the bone to deteriorate. Which changes your appearance by aging you prematurely.

The dental implant bonds with the bone in your jaw, creating a new root. This keeps your jaw bone solid and strong, so you don’t have to worry about losing bone mass.

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