How Braces Are Applied

Braces are worn for months or years depending on the patient, but they are placed in a single appointment. The process can vary slightly but remains similar among braces that use brackets and wires. Below, you can learn how braces are put on the teeth.

Cleaning and Polishing

For brackets to stay cemented to teeth, the teeth must first be cleaned and dried. Just like during routine cleanings, our dentist polishes the enamel with a special paste. A barrier is placed to keep the cheeks away from the teeth, ensuring that the teeth stay dry. Finally, air is used to dry the teeth completely. They are then ready to have brackets attached at this point.

Cementing Brackets in Place

Our braces dentist puts cementing paste on the backs of brackets and applies them to the right positions on the teeth. If there is any extra bonding cement, it is removed carefully. Next, the cement is cured with a light or chemical process depending on its type. The last step involves threading the brackets with the arch wires and securing them in place with rubber bands. When self-ligating braces are used, the rubber bands are unnecessary.

This appointment is only the first during orthodontic treatment. At regular intervals, patients come back to Antoine Dental Center to have their wires tightened. The last step involves getting retainers, which are made of clear plastic and are designed to further ensure that treatment results are permanent. At a consultation with our dentist, you can find out more about how your chosen type of braces is applied.