Rebuild Your Smile with Teeth in a Day | Houston, TX

Do you need a full-set of new teeth? Maybe you have dentures and are tired of them slipping out when you laugh or eat. Or perhaps you only have a few teeth left and don’t know how you could possibly replace all of your missing teeth.

At the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX, we have solutions that can work for you. We can actually give you a full-set of new teeth in just one day with our revolutionary Teeth in a Day process. Our dental technology is cutting-edge, specially designed to be both convenient and comfortable. In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to tell you about our same-day dental implants; we can actually give you a new smile on the same day we install your dental implants!

What are Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is designed to recreate your smile overnight. It’s a perfect choice for patients who are missing all their teeth, or for patients who only have a few teeth. Teeth in a Day can also work for you, even if you’ve been told you like the jawbone density necessary for traditional dental implants.

With Teeth in a Day, we place several dental implants which are then used as support for a full-set of replacement dentures. Generally, we use the All on 4 or All on 6 implant method for our Teeth in a Day process. That means we just need to install four or six dental implants to give you a brand new smile.

If you are already missing all of your teeth, or are currently using dentures, the process can begin almost immediately. If you have a few remaining teeth, we will extract them to make room for the Teeth in a Day process. But that process is pain-free with the dental sedation options we offer at the Antoine Dental Center.

How are Teeth in Day installed?

We begin by carefully planning out every step of your treatment. We use an i-CAT 3D scanner to get a clear picture of your jaw and mouth. Using these 3D images, we plan where to put your titanium dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of biocompatible material, it will actually fuse into your jawbone. We use dental implants to support your new teeth.

We then place four or six dental implants into your jawbone. Generally, we will place a couple of dental implants at an angle in order to better support your replacement teeth. The entire procedure can performed under dental sedation, meaning it is a relaxing and pain-free process.

Once the implants are placed, we will fit a set of temporary teeth to the dental implants while your jawbone heals. These temporary teeth will allow you to begin chewing food soon after your procedure. Your jawbone will heal over the next few months; after your jawbone has healed we can install your permanent dentures. Our permanent dentures are incredibly lifelike, no one will know they’re not real teeth!

What are the Health Benefits of Teeth in a Day?

First and foremost, you will experience a renewed self-confidence. You will be able to smile and laugh again, without being embarrassed by the state of your teeth. In addition to renewing your self-confidence, dental implants also benefit your oral health. Dental implants prevent you from losing further bone matter in your jaw; plus they keep your face from sagging.

Most of our patients say their favorite benefit is that they can eat the foods they love. With Teeth in a Day, your teeth are permanently secured. That means foods that were out of the question with dentures – such as steak or corn on the cob – can easily be enjoyed after the Teeth in a Day process.

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