This Father’s Day Give Him a Smile Makeover from Antoine Dental Center

Welcome back, Houston! Here at Antoine Dental Center, we love to see so many people checking out this ongoing dental blog. This is a wonderful forum for keep you abreast of the changes and trends in dental care these days. Like any science, there are changes in technology and technique in modern dentistry that are hard for even an expert to keep track of, much less a layperson.

Take cosmetic dentistry, for example. Nearly everyone is familiar with procedures that directly relate to oral health and functionality, like root canals and tooth fillings, but many people are not aware of the cosmetic issues available to them via advances in modern dentistry. And while oral health is important to how you feel, the way you look is important, too. Your appearance shapes how you feel about yourself, and for better or worse how others feel about you. Healthy self-esteem is often linked to how happy you are with your appearance, which is why cosmetic dentistry is something something anyone who is not happy with their smile should consider.

Unfortunately, cosmetic dentistry is also something many people do not consider as an option for themselves, often because they are simply unaware the procedures exist. That is why cosmetic dentistry from Antoine Dental Center is a great idea for a gift, which is something you should think about since Father’s Day is just around the corner.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TX

Maybe your dad’s smile could use a touch up, or maybe he needs a total Smile Makeover. Whatever the case, bring him into our Houston office and we will help your dad determine what sort of cosmetic dental work he needs.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Could your dad use some teeth whitening to get the sheen back in his smile.? Odd are he could. Even if he had never been a coffee drinker or a smoker, age and eating are enough to darken his smile a few shades.

At Antoine Dental Center, we use the Zoom! teeth whitening system, which uses a special light to activate the bleaching gel we will apply directly to your teeth. This will give your dad quick results, ensuring you leave our Houston office with a stunning smile. Or if he’s more comfortable with it, we can prepare take-home treatments your father can administer himself over a couple of weeks.


Porcelain veneers are realistic teeth coverings that we will affix directly to the front of your father’s teeth. They are effective at covering deep stains, as well as uneven gaps and spaces between his teeth, and chipped and broken teeth.
Porcelain veneers are thick and long lasting, but require quite a bit of preparation to place over your teeth. So that the veneers will not extend past the gum line, a small layer of enamel must be removed from the front of your teeth before we can place the veneers. A quicker option is Lumineers, which are thinner veneers that can be placed rather quickly without a lot of preparation.

A Smile Makeover from Antoine Dental Center

If your father has several serious cosmetic issues, then a Smile Makeover may be in order. For this intensive cosmetic solution, we will examine your father’s mouth to determine what procedure are necessary, so that we can plan a total reconstruction of his smile.

But before we can do anything for your father, you need to get him in our Houston office.

So, contact us today to schedule an appointment.