Braces for Teens: Popular Orthodontic Options to Consider

Braces for teens are devices used to align a person’s teeth properly. They are also used to close any gaps and many other small flaws of the teeth. These structural devices provide extra pressure to the teeth in the required position. It is done so the structure of the teeth is remodeled into the desired position. Braces are usually started in children and teens around the age of 8-14 because most of the body’s growth happens during this period.

Importance of Braces

The percentage of people born with perfectly straight teeth is very small. Therefore, many people wear braces to align teeth properly and fix any bite or jaw alignment issues if present. If anyone is facing alignment issues with teeth, overcrowded teeth, or misaligned bites then they should consider getting braces. Braces are more comfortable, reliable, and affordable than ever. 

They also help in the digestion of food in such a way that aligned teeth help making regular-sized bites that are easier to digest for the stomach. Irregular chewing with misaligned teeth can be difficult to digest at times. Braces also prevent tooth-related diseases or infections that result in healthier teeth and gums. Last, but not least, they help in gaining your confidence because if your teeth are straight and aligned, you will feel comfortable in expressing yourself without being embarrassed of your smile.

Types of Braces

For teenagers, braces options may differ from those of adults and children. However, Antoine Dental Center offers a wide range of braces. A few of the most popular choices are:

braces for teens

Types of Braces

For teenagers, braces options may differ from those of adults and children. However, Antoine Dental Center offers a wide range of braces. A few of the most popular choices are:

Traditional Metal Braces

Even with all the advancements in the dental and surgical industry, traditional metal braces remain the most reliable and affordable choice for teenagers. At Antoine Dental Center, we have seen slight adjustments and alignments over the years that have made traditional braces more flexible and comfortable than ever. Just like any braces, they apply force to teeth and push them to align them in a straight line. We attach the metal braces in front of the teeth. To connect these brackets, we use a rubber wire.

Ceramic Braces

These braces are very similar to metal braces. However, sometimes they can be more effective than their metal counterparts. These braces are transparent because they are made from transparent ceramic instead of metal. Thus, they may feel appealing to you because these braces match the color of your teeth.


It is one of the newest types of braces present. We combine the technology of traditional braces with 3D imaging. The great thing about these braces is that we design them by a robot based on your teeth alignment. At Antoine Dental Center, we use virtual images of your mouth and teeth and a robot shapes the wires according to the photographs of teeth for higher precision.

Damon Braces

Another new type of braces that is gaining popularity is Damon Braces. It is quite different from any traditional type of braces as it uses a slide mechanism instead of traditional wires. Thus, they generate significantly less pain and pressure for teeth. They adjust themselves according to the growth of teeth. Another advantage is that you would not have to visit the orthodontist as frequently. It can save you time and money with fewer visits to dentists.


Invisalign is an unusual type of braces that uses neither brackets nor wires. It uses a digital 3D model of your teeth to create a clear aligner that treats orthodontic problems. Invisalign is a very popular treatment option for teens desiring braces treatment.

At Antoine Dental Center, we create a custom treatment plan for your teeth. These braces are transparent and virtually painless. Invisalign is also removable, so you can easily brush or clean your teeth adequately.

Pros and Cons of Different Braces

Each kind of braces has pros and cons over others. Not every type of braces will be suitable for everyone. Some braces might fit you better depending on your treatment needs, aesthetic preference, comfort level, and budget, and some might not. The pros and cons of different braces are described below.

Metal Braces:


They are the most common type of braces hence most reliable to use. They are easily affordable and available, which makes them the cheapest braces. New types of metal braces are very flexible and customizable.


They are most noticeable when you talk. Therefore, you might feel self-conscious.

Ceramic Braces:


Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces are made from white or tooth colored material that makes them less noticeable and a popular choice in the braces family.


Ceramic braces are more expensive than traditional metal braces.



They are highly customizable as every model is made according to the mouth and teeth visual scans of the patient. It means that Suresmile braces are unique models. Furthermore, the treatment process normally requires significantly less time than traditional metal braces.


They are not invisible like ceramic braces but can be more expensive.

Damon Braces:


They are more compact and adjustable than others. Therefore, the patient feels a lot less pain using them.


Compared to other braces, they are more expensive



They are an invisible aligner of your teeth. Thus almost no one notices them. You can easily remove them to eat and drink.


They are a little more expensive than traditional braces and not a viable treatment option for more serious dental issues. Because they are removable, they can also be lost, which would delay treatment.

Wearing braces is not as bad as people thought of it once. The benefit they provide is worth the very little pain they give. If you have more concerns, contact our office to learn more about braces for teens.

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