You know the old joke:

Patient: Doc, it hurts whenever I move my arm like this.
Doctor: Then stop moving your arm like that.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones.

Often, people tend to overthink their problems. If you want some proof of this, just go look at the dental care aisle of your local supermarket. You will find many different kinds of toothbrushes, from the expensive electric brush, to the 99 cents soft bristle special. There are several varieties of toothpaste, all making claims about cavity protection, teeth whitening, tartar control, and other oral health concerns. There are even lots of variations of dental floss to choose from.

Sure, it’s great to have options, and all of these products may provide benefits for your health, but don’t let all these choice blind you to the simplest solution for keeping your teeth healthy and strong: water.

At Antoine Dental Center, we know life is complicated enough without making it more so. At our office in Houston, we have the experience and expertise to help you make decisions about your oral health.

What Are You Drinking?

The liquids you put in your mouth have a dramatic effect on the health of your oral health. Although water is the base of everything you drink, the additives can do some damage to your teeth.

Coffee – When served black with no sugar, the biggest threat coffee presents to your teeth is staining. It is high in acid, but that can be easily combatted with a glass of water. The real problem with coffee is all the additives people like to put in it. Most of those fancy coffee drinks you get from your corner café contain sugary syrup that promotes tooth decay. Even simple diner coffee coffee can cause cavities when you add sugar.

Tea – Like coffee, tea itself isn’t necessarily that bad for your teeth, aside from staining. It’s the sugar used to sweeten it that causes the real problem. Sweet tea is a popular drink in the South, and it is gaining popularity across the nation. Sweet tea is a wonderful, refreshing treat, especially in the summer, but if you sip on it all day, your smile will pay the price.

Soda – Sugary sodas are certainly one of the most popular drinks in the country, second only to coffee. Unfortunately, they are also one of the worst things for your teeth. These drinks are mostly sugar, which along with the acid in sodas, is the main contributor to tooth decay. Don’t think that switching to diet will spare your smile. Diet sodas have been shown to be just as bad, if not worse, for your teeth than regular soda. This is most likely because of the phosphoric acid used in the artificial flavoring.

Sports Drinks – Even though these drinks are marketed to athletes and the health conscious, they are basically just soft drinks in disguise. The main ingredient in these drinks is sugar, and any energy burst you get from them is probably just a sugar rush. If you are drinking sports drinks while working out, not only are you denying your body the water it needs for hydration, you are putting your teeth at risk for decay.

You Need Some Water.

All those sweet and sugary beverages are just fine as long as you consider them special treats and not a staple of your diet. If you are not already, you need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Clean Your Mouth – Drinking water will wash away those pesky food particle and bacteria that cause tooth decay. Not only that, when your mouth becomes acidic because of the food you’ve been eating, water will neutralize the acid and restore balance to your mouth.

Stay Hydrated – Hydration is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also is very important for oral health. Your body needs water in order to produce saliva, your body’s natural defense against bacteria and acid.

When to Drink Water

It could be simpler, drink water throughout the day, every day. Start with a big glass in the morning. Then keep a refillable bottle with you to stay hydrated all day long. This will give your body the hydration it needs, while cleaning your mouth and fighting the negative effects of whatever food you eat.

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Of course, regular visits to our Houston will help you keep your teeth healthy, as well, but drinking plenty of water will decrease your chances of needing anything other than a cleaning.

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