Do you suffer from missing or severely decayed teeth? Dreaming of a brighter smile? Dentures have been a popular method of replacing missing teeth for decades. Our premium, natural-looking dentures can give you the ability to chew and speak again. They also can restore your smile and your appearance to what it was before. Either full or partial dentures can be used by patients who need to replace all or some of their teeth, respectively. Are you interested in dentures in Houston? We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if dentures may be the right option for correcting your smile. Both our full and partial dentures in Houston are designed to be natural-looking, durable and stable, making them a great investment for correcting the appearance and function of your smile.


Full dentures are used to replace all of the teeth in the mouth of a patient. Although full dentures may be recommended by your Houston dentist for patients who have already lost all of their teeth, some individuals may benefit from having their few remaining teeth extracted to make way for full dentures. Full dentures may vary slightly in terms of their construction, but designs normally involve false teeth set in artificial, flesh-colored gums that are made of acrylic. Stability is most commonly controlled by suction against the gums. As the jaws change shape over time, patients require new dentures to ensure stability and a more natural appearance. 


Partial dentures are similar to full ones in that they hold false teeth in natural-looking artificial gums. However, this treatment from Antoine Dental can be used to replace one or several teeth as an alternative to other tooth replacements, such as dental implants and bridge-supported dentures. Stabilization of partial dentures may be accomplished with the use of a metal brace anchored to remaining natural teeth or dental implants placed in the jaw bone. Don’t live another day with missing or damaged teeth!

Contact our Houston dental clinic and schedule an appointment for dentures today. We always look forward to helping patients achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of.

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