It’s an important decision.  And not an easy one.  Let me see if I can help.


First of all, look for a dentist that puts patients first.  One who really cares about the comfort and dental health of his or her patients.  In Houston, that begins to describe the doctors at Antoine Dental Center.  It’s a great place to start.


The professional Houston Dentists at Antoine Dental are dedicated individuals.  Kind, friendly, and caring.  Patients are a priority there, and everything they do is a reflection of their dedication to patient satisfaction.


It begins with the comfortable, inviting waiting area at Antoine Dental.  Treatment rooms are equipped with patient ear plugs and televisions to make the experience as pleasant as possible.  The goal is to communicate with patients, and provide the absolutely best care.


That kind of commitment requires the latest technology and equipment.  Antoine Dental Center excels in this area as well.  Here you will find a state-of-the-art oral health care facility where revolutionary technology is changing the expectations of dentistry in Houston.


Antoine Dental Center offices feature digital X-ray imaging, faster and high quality than film X-rays.  Digital X-rays employ lower levels of radiation than traditional radiology, making them a safer option as well.


The Houston DDS experts use intra-oral cameras that provide in depth views of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.  Images are displayed on a screen in real time, allowing for more accurate diagnosis of existing and preliminary oral health conditions. The dental practitioners at Antoine perform Zoom Whitening, and offer many more advanced techniques.


Finally, Antoine Dental welcomes most forms of insurance at their office.  For more information about the types of coverage accepted, you may contact their billing and payment coordinator.  Patients appreciate the flexible payment options that may be available as well.

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