When it comes to caring for your children’s teeth, look for a pediatric dentist who has the training, the sensitivity, and the latest technology to make you and your kids smile.  The best of the best are at Antoine Dental Center in Houston.


Maintaining the health of primary teeth at a young age is critical, as neglected cavities can lead to problems that could affect developing permanent teeth.  Not only that, but primary teeth, or baby teeth, perform three very important functions:  they help with proper chewing and eating; provide space for the permanent teeth to come, guiding them into correct position; and permit normal development of the jaw bones and muscles as well.  Primary teeth also affect the development of speech, and add to an attractive appearance.


For all these reasons and more, to protect your precious children’s teeth contact the pediatric dentistry experts at Antoine Dental Center.  They are conveniently located at 701 E. Burress St. in Houston.  Call 713-497-1499, or visit their web site antoinedental.com.

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