Do you have an extremely large cavity, or a tooth that has been broken or damaged?  Do you have symptoms of infection such as throbbing pain or sensitivity to pressure or temperature changes?   You may be a candidate for a root canal to eliminate the problem.


The root canal experts at Antoine Dental Center may recommend this procedure to preserve the structure and function of the tooth, rather than extraction, which could cause further difficulties in the future.


A root canal treatment removes the diseased root inside the tooth.  Once the area is completely numb, the Houston root canal experts will remove the damaged material or infection, clean the area, and place a medicated material there to promote healing.  Once the tooth is stabilized it can be permanently restored with a porcelain crown.


Once thought to be a difficult procedure for patients, our the Antoine Dental root canal experts make the experience as comfortable as possible, even using sedation to ensure a more relaxed experience.


Don’t suffer needlessly with tooth pain caused by infection or disease.  Call 713-497-1499 to schedule a consultation with the Houston root canal experts at Antoine Dental Center today.

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