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As a general rule, people do not like going to the dentist. It’s not really much fun to hold your mouth open for an extended period of time while someone pokes, prods, and scrapes your teeth. Not to mention the fear that they will find something wrong, and you will have to pay for it.

These are normal fears that everyone encounters, but fear sometimes goes even further. Fear keeps people away from our Houston, TX, dental office completely. Studies have found that a significant percentage (10-20%) of people will not see a dentist unless they are in excruciating pain.

Over the past few decades, the dental community has been able to take strides toward better experiences for patients. There is nothing to fear because you have the ability to be completely comfortable in the dental office, regardless of how afraid you are. We can help you feel relaxed and at ease with the help of dental sedation.

Transforming your dental experience with IV Sedation

What is Sedation?

Sedation is a way to help your mind and body relax despite the feeling of fear. Through the use of medication, we can calm your heart rate and the anxiety running through your body, which will help you have a much easier dental appointment. Your work is completed while you rest comfortably. Once your work is complete, you are often ready to return to your daily life. Let’s take a look at your options for sedation dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide gas is used in most dental offices around the world. It is also known as laughing gas, and most patients have experienced it at some point. Unfortunately, nitrous oxide doesn’t work for everyone, and it is not strong enough for others.

Oral Conscious – The next level of sedation comes in a pill form. We call it oral conscious sedation because you will be more deeply sedated than nitrous, but you are still conscious. Many patients actually fall asleep during their work, but we easily wake them when needed. Oral conscious sedation does last beyond your appointment, so you will need someone to drive you to and from the office.

IV Sedation – The deepest level of sedation offered here at Antoine Dental Center is IV sedation. Most offices do not offer this deep sedation because it requires special certification, but we believe it is best for some patients. IV sedation can actually allow you to sleep through your entire procedure.

Isn’t That Just for Fearful Patients?

Many people believe that sedation isn’t for them because it is just for patients who are afraid. While it is true that fearful patients often take advantage of sedation more than other groups, they are not the only demographic who is helped! Take a look below to get an idea of how dental sedation can benefit many, many people!

Gag Reflex – Your gag reflex is triggered when your put something near the back of your mouth. For most of us, the gag reflex works when it needs to and nothing more, but for some patients, the gag reflex is so sensitive that it keeps them from getting care! Imagine trying to have your teeth cleaned with a super sensitive gag reflex! Sedation helps to relax those throat muscles so that these patients can have a relaxed, calm dental procedure with no gagging!

Special Needs Patients – A demographic of patients often get overlooked: special needs patients. Patients who are unable to understand what is happening in a dental office are often frightened by the lights, masks, and tools. Many special needs patients suffer with extremely poor oral health because of this. Sedation allows these patients the ability to relax completely in the office. They can sleep through their appointment and wake up with a fresh, clean smile.

Busy Patients – You might not be afraid of the dentist, but we can almost guarantee that you have a full schedule of things to do. Who doesn’t? Fitting multiple dental appointments in is never easy, which is why sedation works so well to benefit patients. Rather than having to break up difficult procedures into multiple appointments, you can relax and get it all done at once!

Can Sedation Transform Your Appointment?

So whether you are afraid, too busy for multiple appointments, or have a condition that keeps you from the dentist, sedation dentistry may be for you! This simple technique is transforming dental appointments for patients across the country. Could it change the way you think about going to the dentist?

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If you are ready to transform your dental experience, contact our office today. We would be happy to discuss your options for sedation dentistry. You, too, can have a great appointment with the help of dental sedation!

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It can be easy to lose sight of a few important things. One thing which often gets overlooked is the importance of your oral health. At Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX, we’re proud to offer the convenience of same-day dental cleanings and exams and quality procedures for everything from braces to dental implants. Schedule an appointment and see why our patients love us.

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A Journey to Smile and Success

At our dental clinic, we often witness incredible transformations in the lives of our patients. One such remarkable story is that of Cristina, a determined and passionate individual who underwent a life-changing dental journey with us. From dental implants to lower braces, Cristina’s story is a testament to the power of a confident smile and the pursuit of dreams.

The Dreamer’s Dilemma

Cristina had always been passionate about cooking and sharing her culinary creations with others. Her love for food led her to dream of owning her own food truck, specializing in serving the best Pupusas in Houston. However, a dental issue was holding her back from pursuing her dream.

A Smile That Couldn’t Shine

For years, Cristina had struggled with missing teeth, making it difficult for her to eat her own delicious food creations. She watched her customers relish her dishes while she could only envy their enjoyment. Moreover, her inability to smile confidently made it challenging for her to connect with her customers on a personal level. It was a dream deferred, but Cristina was not ready to give up.

A Dental Transformation Begins

Determined to turn her dream into reality, Cristina sought our dental expertise. We recommended a comprehensive treatment plan that would involve dental implants to replace her missing teeth and lower braces to straighten the ones that could be saved. Cristina was ready to embark on her dental transformation journey.

Rediscovering the Joy of Eating

The dental implant procedure was a game-changer for Cristina. With her new set of teeth, she could finally taste her creations and enjoy the flavors she had been missing out on for so long. The simple act of eating became a joyful experience, and her passion for cooking grew stronger than ever.

A Smile That Radiates Confidence

As Cristina’s lower braces gradually worked their magic, her smile began to transform. No longer shy about her teeth, she radiated confidence and warmth when interacting with her customers. Her newfound self-assurance not only boosted her business but also made her feel like she was living her dream.

The Birth of Houston’s Best Pupusa Food Truck

With her smile restored, her passion for food rekindled, and her confidence at an all-time high, Cristina took the leap and opened her own food truck. Houston was about to experience the best Pupusas it had ever seen. Cristina’s dream had finally come true.

A Journey of Transformation

Cristina’s journey from dental implants to lower braces was truly life-changing. She not only regained her ability to eat and smile but also achieved her dream of becoming a successful food truck owner. Her story reminds us of the incredible impact that dental care can have on a person’s life, and it also serves as a testament to the power of determination and passion.

If you have a dream or a goal that seems out of reach due to dental issues, remember Cristina’s story. With the right dental care and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. At our clinic, we’re here to help you make that journey towards a healthier, happier smile.

Contact us today and let us be a part of your transformation. Together, we can help you achieve your dreams and share your joy with the world, just like Cristina and The Best Pupusas in Houston.

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