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Have you been looking for a Houston dentist who specializes in hybrid implants? look no further, you’ve come to the right place. In this page you will find all the information needed to know about our hybrid dentures.

 Missing teeth are a pain, both literally and figuratively. Once one goes, it seems as though all of the others just follow right along, and pretty soon, you are completely toothless! The most popular (and least expensive) option to replace your teeth is to get a pair of dentures.

While popular, most of our Houston, TX dental patients soon find that even the best-made dentures really aren’t all that comfortable. They might look pretty good, but they don’t function nearly as well as you would like for them, too. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem with dentures.

Let’s take a look at dentures and some of the concerns that we have about dentures as a permanent, absolute solution for your missing teeth. You might be surprised at just how ineffective dentures actually are! It’s no wonder, considering that we have not changed the way dentures work since they were invented in 700 B.C.!

Since The Beginning… Our Plan Hasn’t Changed!

The first dentures come out of Italy around 700 B.C. People learned very quickly that without teeth, it is very difficult to eat and survive! They began by using bone and animal teeth to create a jaw-like shape. Over time, the materials have changed, but the idea and structure never has. In all of those centuries, our plan never changed. People still believe that the best way to replace their missing teeth is to stick a jaw-shaped device full of teeth in there and hope that it chews well enough so that you can eat. We have some bad news: it doesn’t really work that way!

Hybrid implanta in Houston

 Look Good. Feel Good. Chew Good.

If your missing teeth are near the front of your mouth or they leave a noticeable gap in your cheeks, then implants will not only help restore your confidence and happiness in your appearance but help you eat the foods you enjoy. Implants seamlessly replace your missing teeth and due to great advances in the look of implants and prosthetics in recent years, no one will be able to tell that they aren’t the real deal.

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Research From The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic was curious about the difference between people who wore dentures and those who still had natural teeth. They found that denture-wearers had a life expectancy that was 10 years LESS than someone who still had their teeth. That’s an entire decade of lost time!

So what causes such a change in life expectancy? We believe it has a lot to do with the nutrition that denture wearers miss out on. It’s next to impossible to eat fresh, crunchy fruits and vegetables when your teeth are being held in your mouth with suction. Instead, you have to cook or soften those fruits and vegetables, which often means losing some of the nutrients.

Imagine the impact that has on your overall health! If your body doesn’t have the nutrients and vitamins it needs to run effectively, how can you expect it to stay healthy? You can’t. Patients who cannot chew well often turn to foods that are harmful or hold no nutritional value, like empty carbs.

Dental Implants: A Better Solution

The All on 4 (and sometimes All on 6 for larger jaws) solution is a set of four dental implants that we place around your upper or lower arch. In addition, We permanently attach a set of temporary teeth to those implants so that you can go home with a new, functional smile in the same day! In a few months, after your implants have healed and your new teeth have been created, we will bring you back in and permanently attach your new set of teeth. 

Some patients like being able to remove their teeth for cleaning and just prefer the denture solution but would like for it to be more stable. Antoine Dental can help with that! Dr. Nazari and his associates offer what we called denture-implant hybrid solutions.

We place dental implants around your mouth and create a set of dentures (or retrofit your dentures) with attachment hardware. When you slide your dentures in, they will attach to those dental implants to create a stable, functional denture solution!


How long Do Hybrid Dentures Last? 

Hybrid dentures are very durable, with the proper care, a denture can last over a decade. It’s beneficial compared to removable dentures that need to be replaced every 8 years.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Wearing A Denture?

Dentures blend in with your jaw to give it a natural look people wont notice.

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