Propel Orthodontics in Houston


Our office in Houston, Tx practices propel orthodontics for more advanced options on your treatment options. Propel Orthodontics is the maker of the Propel System, which involves using a patented instrument to reduce orthodontic treatment time by fifty to sixty percent or more. Like Wilckodontics, Propel works by modifying the bone around the teeth so that the braces can move the teeth more easily. Unlike Wilckodontics, however, Propel achieves this without the need for surgery. Here is more about Propel, what it offers and who can receive it from our Houston Propel orthodontics dentist:

How The Propel System Works

Our orthodontist uses Propel to make tiny perforations in the bone tissue surrounding the teeth, resulting in a localized boost in blood flow and cytokines. Afterwards, the tissues remodel more readily in response to the chosen orthodontics. This means that results arrive far more quickly than they normally would. 

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Propel Orthodontics

Propel takes only minutes at our office, where our provider of Propel orthodontics in Houston determines the right locations around the teeth for the best results. The localized action of Propel allows for targeted enhancement of movement, which can be highly useful for specific teeth that need major correction. Depending on the patient, one or more Propel sessions may be required. The fact that no surgery is involved means that patients can continue their daily routine after receiving Propel with no concerns about recovery.

Candidates for Propel Orthodontics

Researchers have estimated that about eighty percent of orthodontic patients can receive Propel. Virtually all orthodontic treatments, including conventional braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, Invisalign, and TADS, can be used with Propel. The best candidates for this procedure from our Houston Propel orthodontics dentist will be patients who are eager to start enjoying their new smile as soon as possible.


Benefits of Propel Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment offers myriad benefits to patients, but the time investment can be considerable. Thanks to Propel, more patients may consider receiving braces and reaping its results, which includes a better-looking smile, more comfort, and improved oral health. The ability to make braces faster without needing surgery or recovery makes Propel a convenient option for most orthodontic patients. At a consultation with our provider of Propel orthodontics in Houston at Antoine Dental Center, patients can find out if Propel is an option for them.

How Much Does Propel Orthodontics Cost?

The cost for propel orthodontics in Houston ranges from $6,000 – $8,000.

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