Single Missing Teeth: Your Options for Treatment

A missing tooth is a serious isssue. It can cause long-term damage to facial structure, bone density and your ability to feel confident in your smile.

Antoine Dental Center has several options available to fix your missing tooth.

Option 1: Do Nothing

If you choose to do nothing at this time, the cost down the road can be substantial. $10,000+ for orthodontics to straighten out the teeth, implant, abutment and crown, bone grafting and possible sinus lift to replace lost bone.

Option 2: Dental Implant

The bad news is that a dental implant is the most expensive option, BUT the good news is it is the most effective, functional and aesthetically pleasing. A dental implant will keep the bone in that area of the jaw from atrophy. It helps maintain face shape and prevents ‘sunken face’. The implant will prevent surrounding teeth from shifting and changes of losing the tooth decline. It will keep the teeth from shifting, and will prevent any future need to cut down the adjacent teeth. A dental implant is the nearest thing to a natural tooth available today.

Option 3: Dental Bridge

The good news here is that a bridge is less expensive than the implant option BUT you will continue to lose bone in that area over time. Food will get caught in the hard to reach areas and if not cleaned properly could mean you have to replace the bridge, the adjacent teeth must be cut down in order to be used as anchors for the appliance. Why cut down two good teeth if we dont have to?

Option 4: The Removable Partial Denture (RPD) 

The good news here is that it’s the least expensive option of the 3, but the BAD news is that your teeth have to come out every night.  You won’t be able to chew your food as well as your tongue will be uncomfortable with the big, bulky plastic sitting in your mouth all day.

Single missing teeth

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