Digital Dentistry: the future of dentistry

Because of the advancement of digital dentistry, appointments with your dental specialist are now faster, more reliable, more convenient, and safer than ever before. 

At Antoine Dental Center, we use revolutionary dental technology to help us identify and interpret the condition of your mouth and aid in our treatment and operations. We likewise like to keep abreast of the most advanced dental technology accessible to make sure you receive the most reliable diagnosis and best treatment possible.

Digital dentistry

Digital dentistry comprises any computer-based technology that your dentist may use to check, diagnose, and treat oral health. This digital advancement is centered on 3D diagnostic research and tools for printing and milling through software with computerized designs, helping improve precision, lessen treatment time, eliminate manual steps of dental procedures, and enhance the quality of the treatment outcomes.

Digital vs. Traditional dentistry

Rather than utilizing electrical or mechanical tools, digital dentistry approaches dental technologies or materials that include digital and computer-controlled components to execute dental practices. Either for diagnostic or healing purposes, digital dentistry can make dental procedures more effective than utilizing analog devices.

fiWe offer our patients the following technology:

Up-to-date devices make procedures a lot easier and more practical for patients and help our doctors be more detailed and spot-on in diagnosis and treatment. Here are some of the latest technologies you’ll observe at Antoine Dental Center.

The Wand    

The Wand is a computer-controlled dental-injection, made to substitute the conventional syringe in dentistry. It is digital delivery of the local anesthetic, making the method of numbing your tooth more comfortable than traditional by injecting it gently and slowly. They eliminate the possibility of the injection being given accidentally fast. 

The Wand resembles a pen more than a syringe. Unlike the traditional syringes, the needle is fine and discrete.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-ray is more efficient. It incorporates the application of imagine face scanners to produce a precise outline of teeth and dental impressions. While it corresponds to the film for bitewings and other X-rays, the digital sensor is programmed and linked to a computer. The image is projected on a monitor for our experts to see and examine once the X-ray is taken. 

With digital X-rays, our dentists can distinguish several dental problems, and you don’t need to worry about radiation since this equipment exposes you to considerably lower radiation levels.

OPG Scanner

Orthopantomogram, also known as OPG,  is a digital scanner that enables us to take a panoramic image of your mouth, teeth, and gums in only a few minutes. An OPG likewise shows the number, position, and development of your entire teeth, including those that haven’t yet emerged or erupted within the gum. 

During the scan, the OPG system is specially devised to rotate around the patient’s head with your chin resting on a small base, biting gently on a sterile mouthpiece to stabilize your head.  An OPG will take approximately 20 seconds. It is used when patients are suffering from dental discomfort or as part of their routine check-ups.

iTero Digital Scanner

With the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner, you can bid farewell to goopy imprint materials. Our digital scanner will take digital pictures of your teeth and mend them using 3D rendering technology to form a pattern of your teeth that is about 5X more precise than conventional messy imprints. Their user-friendly nature helps us get the most solid results. 

Intraoral digital scans also help us generate detailed physical dental impressions for remedial work, including implants, crowns, and veneers. Intraoral scanners have screens that project the digital dental images as they’re taken in real-time and enable us to explain the treatment with patients while they are in their chairs. The monitors show if the scan is excellent or not before it’s saved and brought to the lab.

Cone Beam CT scanner

This method of digital tomography gives dentists a quick 3-dimensional image of a patient’s oral and maxillofacial anatomy. In some instances, the level of data collected is equivalent to capturing roughly 1000 individual x-ray images which are stitched together to create a 3D image of the patient’s mandible anatomy. 

This provides us the capability to digitally prepare for more high-level surgeries like implant placements and sinus lifts. It also provides more calculable results of root canal treatments, ensuring a higher chance of treatment success. 

Since this employs more X-rays than a standard X-ray, a CT scan is solely conducted when needed. But the level of radiation is relatively low and unlikely to induce any long-term impairment.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Lesser Radiation

Digital X-Rays are recognized to utilize 90% less radiation than conventional X-Rays.

Greater Speed

The images can be observed right away and don’t need any wait, providing for immediate treatment. Scanners can scan at various rates, but usually, it takes around 20 seconds per scan.

Precise Results

This state-of-the-art technology lets your dentist produce an image of your tooth to restore with unparalleled precision and speed.

Easy Storage and Retrieval

There is no need for physical storage, meaning a decrease in paper files, and you have unlimited storage capacity. The images can be shared with other dental professionals and easily retrieved and not misplaced.


Those huge, messy impression trays are in the past, as the digital scanners allow more convenient and detailed procedures. More prompt response means greater comfort and minor discomfort for the patient.

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Digital dentistry remains to help dentists’ efforts to guarantee patients get the most suitable treatment under the most convenient circumstances.  We encourage you to contact us today to find out more regarding our dental technology in Houston, Texas. Speak to our dentists about the practices and methods to determine how they may change your oral health. 

You may book a consultation with our dental specialists by giving us a call at 713-691-8880 or by completing this form. We’re always glad to assist you!

A Journey to Smile and Success

At our dental clinic, we often witness incredible transformations in the lives of our patients. One such remarkable story is that of Cristina, a determined and passionate individual who underwent a life-changing dental journey with us. From dental implants to lower braces, Cristina’s story is a testament to the power of a confident smile and the pursuit of dreams.

The Dreamer’s Dilemma

Cristina had always been passionate about cooking and sharing her culinary creations with others. Her love for food led her to dream of owning her own food truck, specializing in serving the best Pupusas in Houston. However, a dental issue was holding her back from pursuing her dream.

A Smile That Couldn’t Shine

For years, Cristina had struggled with missing teeth, making it difficult for her to eat her own delicious food creations. She watched her customers relish her dishes while she could only envy their enjoyment. Moreover, her inability to smile confidently made it challenging for her to connect with her customers on a personal level. It was a dream deferred, but Cristina was not ready to give up.

A Dental Transformation Begins

Determined to turn her dream into reality, Cristina sought our dental expertise. We recommended a comprehensive treatment plan that would involve dental implants to replace her missing teeth and lower braces to straighten the ones that could be saved. Cristina was ready to embark on her dental transformation journey.

Rediscovering the Joy of Eating

The dental implant procedure was a game-changer for Cristina. With her new set of teeth, she could finally taste her creations and enjoy the flavors she had been missing out on for so long. The simple act of eating became a joyful experience, and her passion for cooking grew stronger than ever.

A Smile That Radiates Confidence

As Cristina’s lower braces gradually worked their magic, her smile began to transform. No longer shy about her teeth, she radiated confidence and warmth when interacting with her customers. Her newfound self-assurance not only boosted her business but also made her feel like she was living her dream.

The Birth of Houston’s Best Pupusa Food Truck

With her smile restored, her passion for food rekindled, and her confidence at an all-time high, Cristina took the leap and opened her own food truck. Houston was about to experience the best Pupusas it had ever seen. Cristina’s dream had finally come true.

A Journey of Transformation

Cristina’s journey from dental implants to lower braces was truly life-changing. She not only regained her ability to eat and smile but also achieved her dream of becoming a successful food truck owner. Her story reminds us of the incredible impact that dental care can have on a person’s life, and it also serves as a testament to the power of determination and passion.

If you have a dream or a goal that seems out of reach due to dental issues, remember Cristina’s story. With the right dental care and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. At our clinic, we’re here to help you make that journey towards a healthier, happier smile.

Contact us today and let us be a part of your transformation. Together, we can help you achieve your dreams and share your joy with the world, just like Cristina and The Best Pupusas in Houston.

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