Greetings Houston! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of the Antoine Dental Center. The holiday season is in full swing and we love to see smiles on the faces of our patients. But if you’re missing teeth it can be embracing to smile! Luckily, we offer many types of dental implants for patients to replace their missing teeth.

Just last month, a patient came to us. A couple years ago, he had a teeth knocked-out during a particularly heated soccer match. Because he was in college at the time, he didn’t think too much of it. It was almost a point of pride for him, because he finished the match and even scored the winning goal after the tooth was knocked-out. But now he’s preparing to enter the workforce and was worried that missing tooth would make him look unprofessional.

For many people looking for dental implants in Houston, TX, the consequences of missing teeth go beyond just their oral health. They’re worried about looking unprofessional or uneducated at school, the workplace, or in social gatherings. Dental implant procedures are some of our favorite treatments to perform at the Antoine Dental Center because they offer so many benefits to our patients.

In today’s post, we’re going to tell about how different types of dental implants could benefit your life. More than half the adults in our country are missing at least one tooth. Whether you have one missing tooth, or you’re missing many teeth, or even if you’re missing all of your teeth; we can help!

At the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX, we are one of the only offices in the area equipped with the state-of-art technology necessary for dental implant procedures. We offer traditional dental implants, mini dental implants, All on 4 implants, and All on 6 implants.

All types of dental implant procedures share one common goal: to replace your missing tooth root. A dental implant is a titanium screw which is surgically implanted in your jaw; once the implant has healed it will integrate into your jawbone. We can then place a variety of dental restorations on a dental implant including crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Traditional implants are used for patients in good health. To be a candidate for traditional dental implants, you will need to have sufficient density in your jawbone to support the implant. We use 3D imaging technology to evaluate the health of your jaw and plan your dental implant procedure. Placement of the dental implant is a quick process which can be made completely pain-free through sedation dentistry.

We also offer mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are the most affordable dental implants, and can be effective for healthy patients and for patients who lack the jawbone density needed for traditional implants. The Antoine Dental Center is one of the offices in the area equipped to place these affordable dental implants.

Mini implants are smaller than traditional dental implants, which means that they aren’t as strong. Despite that drawback they offer other advantages because they can generally be placed in a single visit, require less healing time, and can be used to immediately stabilize dentures.

If you are missing all of your teeth, you may be a candidate for All on 4 implants or All on 6 implants. These dental implant procedures use a set of 4 or 6 dental implant to support a set of permanent dental bridges. We even provide you temporary teeth on the same day as your appointment, so your smile will look great!

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You don’t have to leave with any missing teeth any longer! Dental implants from the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX, can restore the full-form and function of your smile. Schedule a consultation to learn more about if you’re a candidate for traditional dental implants, mini dental implants, All on 4 dental implants, or All on 6 dental implants.

You can reach our comfortable and modern office by calling 713-364-8890. We can wait to help you restore your smile with a comfortable and affordable dental implant procedure.

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