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Less Fear, Little-To-No Swelling: A Better Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

Revolutionize your wisdom teeth removal experience with our state-of-the-art approach. Our unique premedication cocktail ensures a quick recovery, laser-assisted procedures minimize swelling, and Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) aids in the healing process. Plus, our wide range of personalized sedation options, including oral sedation, IV conscious sedation, and general anesthesia, ensures you experience maximum comfort and minimum anxiety. Embark on a journey towards a fast, pain-reduced, and little-to-no swelling recovery today.





A Better Wisdom Teeth Extraction Experience

See for yourself

The side-by-side comparison video of a patient (not our patient) who experienced significant swelling and brusing versus our patient who had virtually no swelling in less than 24 hours post-surgery.



How we make A Difference

Pre Medication

We utilize a thoughtful combination of medications prior to your surgery. Each of these medications plays a crucial role in minimizing discomfort, reducing swelling, and speeding up the healing process.”


    • Reduced Inflammation and Swelling: we prescribe a potent anti-inflammatory medication, works effectively to prevent excessive swelling after surgery.
    • Pain Management: we also prescribe widely recognized medication for their pain-relieving properties. These medications work in tandem to control pain, ensuring you remain comfortable during your recovery.
    • Infection Prevention: we prescribe an antibiotic, helps prevent any potential infections that could prolong your recovery.

With our premedication protocol, we’re prioritizing your comfort and swift recovery. You can look forward to a surprisingly pain-reduced and rapid return to your daily activities.”

Harness Your Body’s Healing Power with PRF!

We believe in utilizing the power of your own body to aid recovery. That’s why we incorporate Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) into our wisdom teeth extraction procedures.

PRF is an innovative healing matrix derived from your own blood. It is rich in growth factors and proteins that promote tissue regeneration and healing.”


    • Accelerated Healing: PRF significantly reduces the healing time post-surgery by stimulating the body’s natural regeneration processes.
    • Improved Comfort: The natural healing support of PRF can lead to less post-operative discomfort and a smoother overall recovery.”
    • Reduced Risk of Complications: PRF encourages the formation of new, healthy tissue and reduces the risk of complications such as dry socket.”

With the help of PRF, we’re not just removing your wisdom teeth; we’re kick-starting a healing process that is natural, efficient, and tailored to your body’s unique biology.

Experience Complete Comfort with Personalized Sedation Options

We understand that the thought of wisdom teeth extraction can induce anxiety for many. That’s why we offer a range of sedation options tailored to your comfort and preferences.


From conscious sedation that keeps you relaxed yet awake, to general anesthesia that ensures you sleep through the procedure, we work with you to choose the most appropriate sedation method.


Sedation Options and their Benefits:

    • Oral Sedation: Easy to administer, oral sedation involves taking a medication that helps you feel calm and relaxed during the procedure.
    • IV Conscious Sedation: This sedation is administered intravenously and keeps you conscious but in a deeply relaxed state. You’ll likely have little to no memory of the procedure.
    • General Anesthesia: For those who prefer to be completely asleep during their procedure, we offer general anesthesia. This method allows you to wake up with your extraction complete and no memory of the surgery.

Your comfort and safety are our primary concerns. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to choose the best sedation option that suits your needs and ensures a stress-free wisdom teeth extraction experience.

Maximize Your Comfort and Healing with PBMT

We use photobiomodulation technology (PBMT), an innovative and gentle approach that aids in faster healing and reduced swelling.

Photobiomodulation is a non-invasive light therapy technique. By exposing the surgical area to specific wavelengths of light, we stimulate cells to accelerate the healing process, reduce inflammation, and minimize pain.


    • Faster Healing: Photo bio-modulation speeds up your body’s natural healing processes, ensuring a quicker recovery post-surgery.”
    • Reduced Swelling and Pain: The therapy reduces post-operative inflammation and discomfort, providing a more comfortable recovery experience.”
    • Safe and Non-Invasive: Photo bio-modulation is a safe procedure without the risks associated with invasive treatments. You can rest assured knowing that we’re prioritizing your comfort and wellbeing.

We’re dedicated to using cutting-edge technology, like photo bio-modulation, to provide you with a superior wisdom teeth extraction experience. We’re not just removing your wisdom teeth; we’re ensuring a swift, smooth, and comfortable recovery.


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